The Bluetooth mouse disconnects from the computer after a connection is established between the two devices HUAWEI Support Global

A list of startup applications will now appear. Navigate to the Services tab and check to Hide all Microsoft services. After your system is updated, check and see if the problem is resolved. Users reported that you can fix the Please uninstall current Bluetooth installation before continuing error message by using a different Bluetooth module.

  • While your Windows boot up, the drivers get installed automatically.
  • I have 5 types of Bluetooth dongles that i have tried.
  • Double click on the Bluetooth option, look for your Bluetooth adapter, right-click and select Uninstall device.

Similarly, Bluetooth also requires an accurate driver file to function properly. When the Bluetooth driver is not installed properly or goes missing then you may encounter a Bluetooth device driver not found error. To get you covered, we have explained the best ways to download and install the Bluetooth driver in Windows 10.

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For example if your laptop has Intel Bluetooth driver then you download it from the official website here. You will have the option to download with different architecture version. For example if your system is 32 bit or 64 bit. Another way to reinstall the Bluetooth driver is to download the diver manually from the official website. This will trigger windows to reinstall the Bluetooth driver. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Next, select the Bluetooth device you want to reset. You might have to scroll down the list to find it. Then click Bluetooth & other devices.You will see this in the left sidebar of the window. Install it manually on your computer, and it should resolve the issue.

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And the Bluetooth device cannot be removed from Windows device manager in order to re-pair it. James is a software engineer and an information architect with keen attention to detail. He focuses on data-driven decisions, making sure that all decisions are backed up by reliable facts. His key interests include enhancing find-ability and usability of our content related to Windows 10; troubleshooting errors; and tech news.

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From this window, you can turn on Airplane mode by toggling the provided switch for the same. Once Airplane Mode is on, just reboot your computer and turn off Airplane mode. You should now be able to remove Bluetooth devices easily. In some cases, you will find old paired Bluetooth devices still visible in devices list and there is no way you can remove them, making it difficult to repair them. Highlight the device you want to remove and press the Del on your keyboard. Another way to delete a Bluetooth device in Windows 10 is by using Device Manager.

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